Winona Health Foundation

Is there a healthcare provider to whom you’d like to express your gratitude? If so, please join us in honoring him or her this National Providers’ Day, March 30 – the official day set aside each year to pay tribute to the compassion, sacrifice and skill of our healthcare providers.

About the Winona Health Foundation

Most of the time, we don’t have to think about medical care. However, when the need for healthcare does arise, it is reassuring to know that outstanding healthcare is available right in your backyard – in part, because people like you invest in Winona Health, our community’s healthcare system.

The Winona Health Foundation is committed to continuing the legacy begun in 1894.

Our mission is to gather, steward and distribute resources needed to support and advance the mission of Winona Health and its affiliates.

Our vision is to sustain Winona Health as an exceptional provider of locally owned, non-profit healthcare.

Over the years, private contributions have enabled Winona Health to grow from a small 18-bed hospital in 1894 to a multi-faceted, dynamic community healthcare system. The Winona Health Foundation secures crucial funding that helps support the delivery of excellent care and services to a growing number of patients and families.

Winona Health Foundation Cornerstones:

  • A Culture of Generosity: Actively seeking to expand our base of family, friends and neighbors who support the vision of providing excellent healthcare in our community.
  • Community Engagement: Sponsoring special community projects and educating the community about the Foundation and Winona Health’s services and programs.
  • Access: Providing access to quality healthcare based on need, regardless of ability to pay.
  • A Passion for Excellence: Investing in equipment, facilities, technology and training essential to sustained innovation in the practice and delivery of healthcare in our community.
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