Giving Stories

“I would like to thank the Foundation office at Winona Health and the donors of the Ben and Adith Miller Patient Care Fund for awarding me this fund to cover my full hospital bill. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this and what it means to me to know that my bill is covered and I don’t owe anything. This couldn’t have come at a better time considering all the hardships I’m going through right now, financially and otherwise.”

“I will never forget what this fund did for me during one of the toughest times in my life. In a couple of years when I’m ready and able to start making charitable donations, I will certainly remember the Ben and Adith Miller Patient Care Fund, a well deserving program, so that someone like me may benefit from it in the future. Once again, thank you so much for awarding this to me, your generosity is greatly appreciated.”

“A heartfelt ‘thank you’ to your organization for your recent gift to us. One of the greatest events in our life was the birth of our son in January. But in the back of our minds was always a lingering thought of how we were going to pay our hospital bill. It was hard not knowing where the money was going to come from each month to make a payment. You don’t know how relieved we are to have this bill taken care of. It’s good to know that even in today’s world, there are still kind and caring people. We thank you for your generosity and we ask that God bless the work of your organization and its employees. We hope to someday return the favor.”

“Thank you so much for the incredibly generous financial assistance that I just received to pay for my outstanding out-of-pocket bill at Winona Health. I was absolutely speechless and so appreciative when I was informed of the good news. As a baby, I was an experimental cancer patient and although it saved my life, I have had a lifetime of secondary medical problems. It has been very difficult to make ends meet and out-of-pocket medical expenses at different medical facilities have been a huge burden. However, with your assistance, our burden will be lessened. Thanks so much for this gift.”

“I want you to know how greatly appreciative I am for what you have done for me. I’ve never had anything like this happen! I thank God for people like the Millers who can provide such a fund like this. I will be forever grateful.”

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