Speech Therapy

Speech treatment at Winona Health offers evaluation and therapy for adults and children with speech, language, swallowing, and voice disorders in various settings.

Our nationally certified speech-language pathologists assesses each patient’s needs and works with the patient’s family, physicians and other specialists to develop a personalized treatment plan.

Speech-Language Pathology Services include:

  • Therapy designed to treat and/or cure a wide variety of voice disorders to improve tone, fluency (stuttering), projection of sound and articulation
  • Post-laryngectomy communication treatment
  • Therapy to improve/maximize attention and memory, executive cognition, concentration and problem-solving
  • Concussion therapy – Treatment for the after effects of a concussion
  • Evaluation and therapy for language delay/disorders, reading and writing comprehension challenges, auditory comprehension challenges and aphasia/stroke

Swallowing/Dysphagia Services:

  • Modified barium swallow study, an X-ray test that evaluates swallowing function
  • Therapeutic intervention including teaching compensatory strategies and active treatment to improve and restore muscle strength, endurance and pharyngeal reflex functions which are necessary for proper swallow function
For more information:

Speech Therapy
Sarnia Square
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