Physical therapy and massage services now available at Rushford Clinic

Winona Health has expanded access to physical therapy and massage services at Rushford Clinic.

“Winona Health is committed to providing comprehensive services to Rushford-area communities, and adding therapy services has been one of our department’s goals for a long time,” said Corrie Searles, director of Therapy Services. “We receive so many positive comments about our physical therapy staff. We believe that, in addition to the convenience of being located right in Rushford, community members also will enjoy working with and being motivated by our therapy experts.”

According to Searles, a therapy gym and treatment room were built in available space at the Rushford Clinic. Newly installed equipment includes an exercise bike, treadmill, Nu-Step, weights, various treatment items, treatment tables and more.

“We’re able to offer many of the general physical therapy services in Rushford that we offer in Winona, which means increased convenience for many of our Rushford patients,” noted Searles. “And we hope many Rushford residents will take advantage of the opportunity to have a therapeutic, relaxing massage and learn about the many health benefits.”

Physical therapy services are available Monday and Thursday all day, plus Wednesday mornings. Massage therapy services are available Friday afternoons with the possibility of expanding options in the future.

For a referral to Winona Health’s Therapy Services Department, contact your primary care provider at Rushford: 507.864.7726 or Winona Clinic: 507.454.3680, or call the main Therapy Services Department at Winona Health’s Sarnia Square location: 507.457.4329.

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