Hospitals Against Violence

#HAVhope – National Day of Awareness, June 9, 2017

Winona Health takes a stand against violence in all forms for a safer, healthier community. It’s part of our mission: To improve the health and wellbeing of our family, friends and neighbors.

Toward this goal, Winona Health…

  • Offers workplace violence presentations for area business leaders
  • Provides non-violent crisis intervention training for staff and contract staff including security – More than 100 staff members are certified in nonviolent crisis intervention
  • Hosts community presentations about preventing domestic and sexual abuse
  • Has training for staff on Active Violence procedures along with computer-based training and a zero-tolerance policy on workplace violence
  • Has a zero tolerance policy for any type of violent of threatening behavior
  • Is a weapons-free campus
  • Conducts a daily report out on any potential safety risks throughout the organization
  • Has a Safety Committee with representatives across the organization that meets monthly and takes a proactive approach to safety

Join us in taking a stand against violence. If you sense something, say something.  Awareness + Action = Prevention


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