Diane Montgomery, PT, in the Physical Therapy gym at Rushford Clinic.

Winona Health Physical Therapy is celebrating its fifth anniversary of providing services at Rushford Clinic so area residents can stay closer to home for rehabilitation.

Over the past five years, Diane Montgomery, PT, has helped more than 540 Rushford-area residents with rehabilitation therapy for post-surgical care, such as after hip/knee/shoulder replacement or repair; overuse injuries and work-or sports-related injuries; vertigo or vestibular/dizziness issues; back and neck issues; neurological disorders; headaches and chronic pain and more.

“People are often surprised at all the things physical therapy can help with,” said Montgomery, a Winona Health physical therapist serving clients in Winona and Rushford. “It’s very rewarding to help clients in this area so they don’t have to spend extra time traveling for physical therapy.”

For a referral to Winona Health Physical Therapy or other Rehabilitation Therapy services, contact your primary care provider.

For more information or about Rehabilitation Therapy at Winona Health, call 507.457.4329.

More information about Rehabilitation Therapy.

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