Rehabilitation after an injury or surgery may include physical and occupational therapy.

“After an injury or surgery, some people are reluctant to try therapy because they are afraid it will hurt, but that isn’t the case,” says Lucas Barbknecht, DTP. “Therapy ultimately helps reduce pain by monitoring gentle exercise specifically designed to improve strength, function and mobility. People find that they actually look forward to coming.”

Winona Health physical and occupational therapists are certified to provide a broad range of care to help with physical impairments, injuries or disabilities.

Physical and Occupational Therapy services are located at Sarnia Square, 420 E. Sarnia, in Winona. Physical Therapy is also available at Rushford Clinic, 109 E. Jessie Street.

To learn more, visit, or call 507.457.4329.

Pictured above, Physical and Occupational Therapists (l – r): Back row: Travis Kramolis, PT; Lucas Barbknecht, PT; Teri Lee, PTA; Julie Gregory, PTA; Stephanie Rae, PT; Brittany Payne, COTA; Allison Schoenecker, OT; Cindy Teske, PT; Emily Breunig, OT; Diane Montgomery, PT; Chad Vix, PTA. Front row: Natalie Garrison, PT; Kyann Brown, OT; Valarie Mullen, PT; Leah Winecke, PT; Maggie Altobell, PT.

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