Three community members joined the Winona Health board of directors in August: David Gilmer, Todd Paulson and Fatima Said.

“Winona Health has been an integral part of the greater Winona community for many years, and I want to help ensure that it continues to serve the health and wellness needs of our area well into the future,” said Gilmer, a dentist with Waterfront Family Dentistry. He has also served as a community member of the board’s Quality/Safety Committee.

“Winona Health is truly an asset to our community and we are fortunate to be able to receive such great healthcare so close to home,” said Paulson, who is chief financial officer at RTP Company, “I am excited to help keep Winona Health in a position of strength in our community that we can all appreciate and be proud of.”

Fatima Said, who serves as executive director of Project FINE (Focus on Integrating Newcomers through Education), said, “I’m looking forward to serving on the Winona Health board of directors because I believe in their mission and care about the health and well-being of all area residents.”

In addition to these new members, the Winona Health board includes Ken Mogren, chair; Steve Blue; Brett Whyte, MD, chief of staff; Matthew Broghammer,DO, vice-chief of staff; Sandra Burke; Vicki Decker; Greg Evans; Toni Highum; Hugh Miller; Nicholas Modjeski, MD; Brian Semling; Rachelle Schultz, president/CEO; Mark Wagner; and Bob Williams.

Community members are elected to serve on the Winona Health board on a volunteer basis. The board is responsible for establishing Winona Health’s strategic direction; quality and safety; financial oversight; and setting organizational policy. Board members are committed to guiding Winona Health in its mission to improve the health and well-being of the greater Winona area community while remaining a strong and independent, not-for-profit community-owned healthcare system.

David Gilmer

Todd Paulson

Fatima Said

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