Dr. Lallaman is an absolute treasure! Both of my kids light up when they see her, and have even requested to “go to the doctor,” despite not being ill. She never rushes appointments; you feel like your family is the only one on the books. We are lucky to have Dr. Lallaman in Winona!

Last summer we noticed a small lump on the back of our daughter Olive’s neck. We had an ultrasound, and by recommendation of our Pediatrician Dr. Sarah Lallaman and General Surgeon Dr. Crystal Lumi, scheduled surgery to have the lump removed.

They first thought the lump was probably a simple lymph node enlargement, which isn’t uncommon, but then discovered that that was not the case. (Ahhh! Not the news any parent wants to hear.)

Dr. Lumi was incredibly calming and informative, which was needed during a very stressful time in our parental lives.

All of the surgical team was wonderful to work with. They took so much care in explaining everything—and in terms that made Olive (then 5), as well as Adam and me—feel comfortable and at ease.

In an update to my family I shared:
Olive’s surgery went perfectly yesterday, and she is recovering very well. We were admitted at 6:45 a.m., surgery at 8:00 a.m., in the recovery room at 9:00 a.m., and able to go home by 10:45 a.m. Olive and I are taking today off, but she is scheduled to head back to school as normal tomorrow.

I heard back from Dr. Lumi following the biopsy of the lump, and she confirmed that it was a pilomatricoma, or, in everyday terms, a benign skin tumor associated with the hair follicles.

We met with Dr. Lumi for a follow-up about a week after surgery. Everything looked perfect, and she assured us that the chance of something like this happening again was less than 1%, which put our minds at ease.

We are so proud of our daughter, who thinks her story and her scar are so “cool” that shortly after surgery, requested to get her hair cut shorter so she could show it off! We are beyond happy to have this experience behind us, and incredibly grateful to Dr. Lallaman, Dr. Lumi and all of the nurses and doctors who made this a short, and successful, story to tell.

Yes. We do that.

Olive’s situation required removing the growth completely and having it looked at by our pathologist, Dr. Ron England. Something like this that just shows up, such as a lump on the neck, is abnormal and should be checked out. It might be something we don’t want or expect or it could be something benign.

Our staff and nurses are wonderful with children. We can take care of some weird, scary stuff, but even if additional specialty care is ultimately required, Winona Health can be your first stop here at home.

— Crystal Lumi, MD

In good hands…

Winona Health General Surgeons and the surgical team focus on providing an excellent care experience and getting you back on the road to recovery. Whether you need to get back to work, back to school or back to play, you can count on a compassionate, highly-skilled team dedicated to getting you back to where you want to be—ASAP.

Learn more about General Surgeons and services available right here at Winona Health: winonahealth.org/surgery.

Dr. Lumi was a God-send this past summer when our 5-year-old underwent surgery for a mysterious lump on her neck. This was an extremely trying time as parents, and we received support and encouragement from Dr. Lumi that was needed and greatly appreciated. Thank you to Dr. Lumi and the team of nurses who helped our little girl feel safe and cared for!

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