Engraved garden pavers

At Winona Health, we strongly believe a hospital’s surroundings can positively affect the mood, stress-level and overall wellbeing of our employees, patients, residents and visitors. In fact, numerous clinical studies have found that viewing nature improves a patient’s blood pressure, heart activity, muscle tension and brain activity. That is why, with your help, we have created the Robinson Healing Garden.

Located between the hospital cafeteria and Lake Winona Manor, the Robinson Healing Garden continues to grow into a beautiful healing garden. A variety of plants and shrubs will stimulate the senses—vision, smell and touch—and attract birds and butterflies. Trees will provide shade and color. The garden will be low maintenance, with perennial plants chosen for our climate, ease of care, and color. Paths have been laid, flowers and trees planted, and a beautiful fountain installed that will provide soothing sounds for everyone to enjoy. Benches will be placed for privacy and socializing. A large pavilion will provide space for over 40 people to eat and interact for social or educational events. It will be easily viewed and accessed from the cafeteria, Lake Winona Manor or the parking lot. Wheelchair accessible paths will lead people on a circular journey. The Robinson Healing Garden will serve as a quiet oasis, a respite and place of solitude for our patients, residents, visitors and staff.

Come grow with us…

The gardens have been sold (see the list below), but you can still help grow the healing garden through a donation to the Winona Health Foundation. For recognition of your kindness and generosity, your name or the name of someone you love, will be displayed on pavers, on the walkways, in the gardens, on the trees and benches. We are grateful for all gifts of any size.

Click the links below to see what beautiful plants and flowers are included in each garden.

Garden A: Butterfly haven southwest of pavilion.

Garden B: Weeping White Spruce northeast of pavilion.

Garden C: Centered in front of pavilion.

Garden D: Espresso Coffee Trees in the northeast corner.

Garden E: Spectacular color just north of the pavilion.

Garden F: Limestone boulder clusters near the center of the action.

Garden G: Red Bud tree surrounded by spacious walking paths.

Garden H: Stunning Yellow Birch in corner garden along westernmost edge of the entire garden.

Garden I: Corner garden encompassing southern tip of the entire garden.

Garden J: Three Swamp White Oaks surrounded by Hydrangeas and Alleman’s Compact Dogwood.

Garden K: Located on the island next to the main garden with Limestone boulders providing definition.

Garden L: Luscious burgundies and greens fill the space tucked along the building and southwest of the pavilion.

Engraved Pavers…your tribute, set in stone

An engraved paver is the perfect way to remember or honor someone you love. Your inscription will be carved on a granite paver and set into the paths in the Robinson Healing Garden, serving as a thoughtful tribute to special people in your life.

Engraved pavers…your tribute, set in stone. An engraved paver is a unique way to remember or honor someone you love.

Pavers are available in two sizes: 6″x6″ ($100) or 6″x9″ ($200). You may inscribe the 6″x6″ paver with 5 lines of text of 8 characters each. Each space between words counts as a character. The 6″x9″ pavers will hold 5 lines of text of 13 characters each. Pavers average an 8-week lead time from order to installation.

The Robinson Healing Garden is a fundraising endeavor of the Winona Health Foundation and the Winona Health Volunteers. If you would like to help grow the garden, click the link below to make an online donation or fill out the paver order form and submit by mail. Please fill out the order form exactly as you wish your paver to be inscribed. Checks may be made payable to the Winona Health Foundation, or you may use a credit card. Please be sure to include all of your information.

Yes! I want to help grow the garden!

If you are interested in more information about the healing garden project, please contact:

JaNell Heim
Foundation & Events Coordinator
Winona Health Foundation
[email protected]

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