Lake Winona Manor parade brings joy to residents and families

Bob and Luella Wise were King and Queen of the 2018 Lake Winona Manor parade.

Nice! Good! Fantastic! Wonderful! Were just a few of the residents’ responses to: How was the parade?

Lake Winona Manor residents Bob and Luella Wise, married nearly 69 years, were the king and queen of the Lake Winona Manor parade on Tuesday, June 12, 2018.

As the Wises were coming down the parade route, their daughter, Barb, commented about seeing her mom’s smile and added, “I think they are doing really well here. It’s great that they can be together, and the staff are so friendly.”

The annual Lake Winona Manor parade began as a way for residents to enjoy a community event that they may not otherwise be able to attend. It has become a tradition for Lake Winona Manor residents, family and friends.

More than 30 organizations, groups and individuals participated, including area emergency, rescue and law enforcement agencies, the American Legion, musical groups, clowns, animals and classic vehicles. This year, residents chose Roland Woodford to be the parade’s Grand Marshal. Mr. Woodford is a Winona Health Volunteer who comes in Monday through Friday to read the newspapers to residents and reminisce with them about past and current news.

Learn more about Lake Winona Manor, a skilled nursing residence for people who need short-term rehabilitative care or long-term care. For information or a tour, call 507.457.4366.

Program to help curb opioid use earns Minnesota Hospital Association Quality and Safety Award

Members of the team on hand to accept the award (l – r): Merry Enright, Nurse Manager, Clinic; Cheryl Peterson, Operations Improvement Manager; Marti Bollman, VP of Primary Care and Wellness; Daniel Parker, MD, Internal Medicine Physician; E. Allen Beguin, MD, Family Medicine Physician; and Rachelle Schultz, EdD, President and CEO.

Winona Health’s Conservative Management Clinic has earned a Minnesota Hospital Association Quality and Patient Safety Improvement Award.

Winona Health developed the Conservative Management Clinic to increase safety, improve care, and decrease the risk of accidental overdose and medications getting into the wrong hands. After research and planning, Winona Health launched the Conservative Management Clinic in the fall of 2015.

In the Conservative Management Clinic, and now throughout Winona Health’s primary care clinics, if a medical professional determines opioids are needed, they use prescribing guidelines, giving patients the lowest dose for effective treatment. The staff educates patients about the addictive risks associated with opioids, while providing information about alternative pain management options including cognitive, physical and behavioral therapy and alternatives.

Allen Beguin, MD, Family Medicine, said, “In addition to improving safety, we’ve helped people improve their quality of life by helping them become less dependent on medications that may have negative side effects.”

After working with the Conservative Management staff and tapering back some of his medication, Glen, a conservative Management Clinic client, said, “My attitude has entirely changed. I feel 20 years younger, and I can do things again. They understand my condition and have changed my life immensely.”

Minnesota Hospital Association awards honor innovative programs and outstanding leaders in health care. The award was announced at MHA’s 34th annual awards ceremony on Friday, June 1. Criteria for the Quality and Patient Safety Improvement Award included: Promoting a culture of safety; providing data at all levels for continuous improvement; and demonstrated engagement of patients and families throughout organization.

For more information about the Conservative Management Clinic, call 507.454.3680.

Hospital Against Violence #HAVhope

National Day of Awareness Friday, June 8, 2018

Winona Health takes a stand against violence in all forms for a safer, healthier community. It’s part of our mission: To improve the health and well-being of our family, friends and neighbors.

Toward this goal, Winona Health:

  • Provides nonviolent crisis intervention training for staff and contract staff including security – More than 100 staff members are certified in nonviolent crisis intervention
  • Hosts community presentations about preventing domestic abuse, sexual abuse, and workplace violence
  • Has a zero tolerance policy for any type of violent or threatening behavior
  • Is a weapons-free campus
  • Conducts a daily report out on any potential safety risks throughout the organization
  • Has a Safety Committee with representatives across the organization that meets monthly and takes a proactive approach to safety


Lake Winona Manor parade set for Tuesday, June 12 at 2 p.m.

Residents, friends and families enjoying the 2017 parade.

Lake Winona Manor’s annual parade will be Tuesday, June 12 at 2 p.m. in the circle drive at the Lake Winona Manor north entrance (facing Lake Winona), 865 Mankato Avenue.

“Many of our residents have a difficult time attending community parades due to the heat and the crowds, so we bring a parade to them,” said Jennifer Schultz, therapeutic recreation manager at Lake Winona Manor. “We are fortunate to have the support of so many community members and organizations who make this a really fun event for our residents and families.”

More than 30 entries will be in this year’s Lake Winona Manor parade and Roland Woodford will be the Grand Marshal.

Learn more about Lake Winona Manor or call 507.457.4366.

Grand Marshal:  Roland Woodford driven by Bev Kieper

2018 Lake Winona Manor Parade Line-up (subject to change)

  1. Winona Police
  2. Winona American Legion
  3. Grand Marshal – Roland Woodford driven by Bev Kieper
  4. Winona Fire Department
  5. Winona Area Ambulance
  6. Mayor of Winona- Mark Peterson driven by Dave Brommerich
  7. Minnesota Fish and Wildlife Department
  8. Winona Radio
  9. 2018 Steamboat Day Float
  10. Pet Companion “Shadow”
  11. 2013 Harbormasters driven by Vickie Klinger
  12. Winona Area Dairy Princesses and Ambassadors
  13. Trestors Trolley
  14. SGDanceworks
  15. Winona Health Volunteers
  16. Doug Inglett with K9 dog
  17. Motorcycles driven American Legion group and others
  18. John Bernadot and band with Ron Gandrude
  19. Winona Dive and Rescue
  20. Lake Winona Manor Royalty
  21. Bob the Bug Man
  22. Wagon with kids
  23. Winona Area SOAR Team
  24. Animals
  25. Winona Clown Club
  26. Ghostbusters
  27. Lake Winona Manor “Duet Bike” with rider
  28. Lake Winona Manor “100 Club”
  29. Rich Wood’s Classic Truck
  30. Roger Metz/Adith Miller
  31. Gary Roddel Car
  32. Winona Health Food Service Employees
  33. McNally Tractor
  34. Dave Brand with horse


Winona Health expands Health Care Home Certification: Now includes Rushford Clinic

Rushford Clinic staff (l-r): Michele Ekern, Registration; Janet Jaimes Mendoza, LPN; Diane Montgomery, PT; Nicholas Modjeski, MD; Katie Halder, CNP; Trisha Bellock, RN; Tanya Dockter, Rad Tech; Danielle Corcoran, Registration.

Winona Health’s certification as a Health Care Home by the Minnesota Department of Health has expanded to encompass all of Winona Health primary care areas from Pediatrics to Internal Medicine including Rushford Clinic.

Health Care Home certification assures that Winona Health’s care delivery approach is a partnership with primary care providers, families and patients with the goals of improving the quality, experience, and value of care. This is a shift from a purely medical model of health care to a focus on linking primary care with wellness, prevention, self-management and community services. The goals encompass improving health outcomes and quality of life while working to prevent hospitalization and unnecessary emergency care and the higher costs associated with those services.

Winona Health provides care that goes beyond screening, diagnosis and treatment to focus on improving an individual’s understanding of their health status and overall health. This may include connecting patients with key staff and services to help them determine health goals that are important to them and manage their health conditions.

“This is about focusing on the right work to benefit our patients and to improve overall population health,” said Marti Bollman, Winona Health VP of Primary Care Services. “Each person’s needs are different, and our healthcare professionals and support staff continually develop innovative ways to enhance care for people who may be struggling to manage their health.”

One aspect of being a certified Health Care Home is providing Care Coordination services for interested patients. Patients may meet the criteria and be referred for Care Coordination services if they and their healthcare provider agree that Care Coordination services would be beneficial. Patients then meet with a registered nurse, discuss health goals and receive enhanced services to help them manage complicated health conditions and meet their health goals.

To schedule an appointment in Winona, call 507.454.3650, or in Rushford, 507.864.7726.

Well-child checkup perfect time to complete sports physical

Appointments now available

Winona Health Pediatrics and Family Medicine departments remind parents that a well-child checkup is the perfect time to complete your child’s sports physical.

Parents are encouraged to schedule sports physicals with a Primary Care provider in Winona or Rushford. Appointment times are available.

“If your child is due for a well-child exam, it’s best to schedule a well-child appointment and bring your sports physical forms,” said Winona Health Pediatrician, Sarah Lallaman. “That way we can take care of everything for you in one visit.”

If you need a copy of your school’s sports physical forms, Minnesota and Wisconsin sports physical forms are available here.  (Thank you for completing your portion of the form before your appointment to help us stay on schedule.)

Students previously diagnosed with heart conditions or head injuries must schedule an appointment with a member of their regular healthcare team.

If you have questions or to schedule an appointment in Winona, call 507.457.7607.

For an appointment at Rushford Clinic, 109 W. Jessie St., call 507.864.7726.

You can also schedule appointments through your My Winona Health account.

Healthcare providers in Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine:

Sarah Lallaman, DO, FAAP

Kelli Ostermann, MD

Laura Dubis, PA-C

Jessica Nelson, CNP

Sports physicals can also be completed with your Family Medicine provider.

Urgent Care now located on the Winona Health main campus

Winona Health’s Urgent Care Clinic is located on the first floor of the clinic on the Winona Health campus at 855 Mankato Avenue in Winona.

“We want the community to know that only the Urgent Care location has changed. They’ll find the same friendly faces but in a new location,” said Beth Poulin, director of Emergency and Urgent Care Services.

Urgent Care is available seven days a week on the first floor of the clinic at Winona Health, 855 Mankato Avenue.

Monday – Friday:  7 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Saturday – Sunday: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Open most holidays: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Closed: Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day and Easter

“Our new location on the clinic first floor is closer to the Emergency Department and Primary Care Clinics,” said Poulin. “This is an advantage to those who come to Urgent Care but who can benefit from immediate referral to Emergency Services or Primary Care Services.” Poulin also noted that having Urgent Care on the main campus will mean even shorter wait times because of the intentional care delivery design that will allow access to care very quickly in Urgent Care or, if a wait time is expected, immediate referral to Primary Care to help eliminate waiting for our patients and their families.”

Urgent Care estimated wait time is posted during open hours at And, as always, Winona Health’s Emergency Department is open 24 hours a day every day.

For more information about Urgent Care, click here.

Sunscreen tips from Pediatrician Kelli Ostermann

Kelli Ostermann, MD

With summer vacation starting, kids will be spending more time outdoors. Being active outside is very beneficial to children, but one of the hazards is sunburn.

Just one sunburn in childhood greatly increases the risk of skin cancer later in life. All children are at risk and all skin types can burn. Sunscreen is needed even on cloudy days.

For babies under 6 months, it is recommended to keep them out of the sun. If sun exposure is unavoidable, they should be dressed in lightweight clothing, wear a brimmed hat, stay in the shade and wear sunscreen to exposed skin. For older children, it is best to limit sun exposure during the peak sun hours of 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Choose sunscreen with SPF 30 or greater, water resistant (for swimming and sweating), and labeled “broad-spectrum” to protect from UVA and UVB rays. Apply sunscreen generously, about 1 ounce (the amount to fill a shot glass) for older children and adults, and rub it in well. Apply at least 30 minutes before going outside. Reapply every 2 hours and after swimming, sweating, or towel drying.

If your child has sensitive skin or eczema, use a sunscreen made by the popular eczema cream makers such as Neutrogena, Vanicream, Aveeno, etc. And don’t forget the sunglasses with UV protection to protect the eyes.

Remember the sunscreen to keep your child burn free this summer.


Learn more about Dr. Ostermann.

Learn more about Pediatrics at Winona Health.

Learn more about Dermatology at Winona Health.

Hands Only CPR Workshops

Helen Bagshaw, CCRN

What would you do if you’re with a loved one or a stranger when they experience sudden cardiac arrest? If you don’t know, here’s how to find out: Helen Bagshaw, CCRN, is offering free Hands Only CPR workshops on Saturday, June 9 at Winona Health. She’ll teach you, your friends and family how to help someone having sudden cardiac arrest.

These workshops will be informative and fun. All ages 12 and older are welcome. Those under age 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Workshops are just 30 minutes and class size is limited to 12 people per workshop. Workshops are scheduled Saturday, June 9:

  • 8:30 – 9 a.m.
  • 9:15 – 9:45 a.m.
  • 10 – 10:30 a.m.
  • 10:45 –11:15 a.m.
  • 11:30 –12 noon

Sign up!

“People are often surprised to learn that saving someone’s life doesn’t require mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Hands only CPR chest compression is easy to learn, and you never know when you may have the opportunity to save a life,” says Bagshaw, a critical care registered nurse in Winona Health’s Intensive Care Unit and an active community volunteer. She also will share information about what to do when someone is choking and how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED).

Here are a few good reasons to sign up:

  • 89% of cardiac arrests happen at home.
  • Only 38% of Americans know how or have received any CPR training.
  • Hands Only CPR can double or triple a victim’s chance of survival.
  • Each year, sudden cardiac arrest causes more deaths than lung cancer, breast cancer and AIDS combined.

The workshops will be in Winona Health’s B.A. Miller Auditorium on the hospital third floor, 855 Mankato Avenue in Winona, Minn. RSVP for a specific time by Thursday, June 7, by calling 507.457.4934 or sign up online here.

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