Current Research Students

Current Research Students

Ashley Brommerich

My name is Ashley Brommerich. I am from Winona, MN and am a Molecular and Cellular Biology Major at Winona State University. After graduating from Winona State I hope to attend medical school. I haven’t fully decided on a specialty yet, but am leaning towards pediatrics or cardiology.

I am currently conducting research with Sarah Lallaman, DO, FAAP. We are doing data analysis of past and current patient charts to determine why so many children 0-2 years of age are falling below where they should be on the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) growth chart. This data will be used to determine if there is anything that should be done to improve children’s growth.

Arielle Eiler

My name is Arielle Eiler, and I am currently a Senior Nursing student at Winona State University, graduating in December of 2018. I grew up in a small town in central Wisconsin called Green Lake. After graduation, I hope to work in a hospital as a registered nurse before going back to graduate school to pursue a doctorate degree.

Anna Johnson, a fellow classmate, and I began working with Emilie Hansen, RN and Mary Pelissero, RN from the Winona Health’s Wound Care department, as well as Amy Koehler, PhD and Susan Keller, DNP, last fall to research skin tears and current evidence-based practice for treating these wounds. One of our goals through research and data collection is to determine if Mepilex Ag dressings are more effective in treating skin tears compared to other methods. Hopefully our work will help to improve evidence-based practice on the treatment of skin tears.

Anna Johnson

My name is Anna Johnson, and I am a Winona State University Nursing student graduating in December of 2018. I am originally from Boscobel, Wisconsin and chose to attend Winona State because of its reputation for an outstanding nursing program and a commitment to serving both its students and community. After graduation, I hope to gain experience as a registered nurse and eventually pursue enrollment in a doctor of nursing practice program.

Currently, I am working on a research project with a fellow classmate, Arielle Eiler; Emilie Hansen, RN and Mary Pelissero, RN from Winona Health’s Wound Care department; and Amy Koehler, PhD and Susan Zeller, DNP. We are researching skin tears and current evidence based practice for their treatment. One of our goals through research and data collection is to examine the benefits of Mepilex Ag dressings over the current standards for treating these wounds and to help contribute to the body of knowledge regarding the treatment of skin tears.

Sean Wittenberg

I am a Winona native and just finished my bachelor’s degree in economics at Winona State University. I am currently enrolled in pre-medical coursework at WSU as my ultimate goal is to attend medical school and pursue a career in psychiatry. Outside of my academic work I enjoy golf, skiing, listening to the Beatles, and am trying to learn to play piano.

Irresponsible prescription of antibiotics is a serious concern as it helps contribute to the rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. National data indicates that many patients reporting bronchitis and sinusitis symptoms are inappropriately treated with antibiotics. I am working with Ian Young, MD, and Traci Runkle, RN, to assess the effectiveness of staff education at Winona Health regarding the responsible prescription of antibiotics when treating acute bronchitis and sinusitis.

WSU students participate in Winona Health's 2018 Student Research Fair.

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Spencer Treu
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