Winona Health offers access to the My Winona Health patient portal as a courtesy to our patients. The patient portal is a free web-tool that gives you instant access to your medical information any time.

Winona Health’s Policy and Procedures regarding the Patient Portal:

  • Patients may have electronic access to certain parts of their health information, such as medical history, medications, and lab results, through a secure web site linked to the Winona Health electronic medical record system. Certain results of a sensitive nature may not be viewable in the portal.
  • The patient portal allows non‐urgent communication with providers’ offices via secure messaging.
  • The patient portal is not a replacement for in‐person health care. It is not appropriate to use this portal for emergency diagnosis or treatment.
  • Patient enrollment is by request through a Winona Health. You will be sent an email invitation that you need to complete within 90 days. You will create your portal username and password.
  • For patient and proxy (substitute or additional) access: patients age 18 or older may have own access and may grant proxy access to any other adult(s).
  • The patient or legally authorized representative must complete and sign the Proxy Permission Form to enroll in My Winona Health, to authorize proxy access, or to revoke proxy access.
  • Proxy access to the patient portal can be revoked by contacting your primary care provider’s office directly.
  • Use of shared email accounts (i.e. [email protected]) for portal access is allowed, although not recommended. All persons sharing the email account and password will have access to all of the patient’s health information that are tied to that email address via the portal.

Proxy Access Permission Form for Adult Patients (age 18 and older)

Accessing Your Children(s) Medical Information (under 18 years of age)
Parents and guardians can register and create accounts for each child through My Winona Health. First, create an account for the parent(s)/guardian and then follow the steps to sign up each child under the age of 18. To view all family members’ information, you must use the same email address when creating each individual account.

Accessing Your Spouse’s Medical Information
A spouse can give permission for their partner to access their medical information by signing Winona Health’s Proxy Permission Form. Visit any Winona Health registration desk or for a copy of this form. Forms may be returned to any registration desk or mailed to: Winona Health, Attn: My Winona Health, 855 Mankato Avenue, Winona, MN 55987.

Have more questions? See our FAQs page.

Responsibilities of Patient Portal Users
Every authorized portal user has responsibility to protect the confidentiality of health records. All authorized portal users are expected to keep their portal user ID and password secure to prevent any unauthorized access to patient information. Winona Health is not liable for breaches of confidentiality arising from unauthorized use of such information. If you suspect that someone has learned your password, you should access the portal site immediately and change it. If you become aware of a breach, for whatever reason, of this confidentiality, you are expected to promptly report it to the Health Information Management Department of Winona Health at 507.457.4476.

Should you, for whatever reason, gain access to another person’s health records, you agree to not read such information and agree to report the problem immediately to Winona Health’s Department of Health Information Management.

For more information:

My Winona Health
855 Mankato Avenue
Winona, MN 55987

Phone Support Hours:
7 a.m. - 7 p.m. Monday - Thursday
7 a.m. - 5 p.m. Friday
2 - 10 p.m. Saturday - Sunday

507.474.5678 Account setup
866.708.0820 Toll free account setup
877.621.8014 User support
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