Welcome to Gr8 Kids!

What is GR8 Kids?

The Winona Health Gr8 Kids Program is an 8-week health and wellness program for 4th grade students. Eight weekly classes will promote age-appropriate education in proper nutrition and active living. Each class will be 45-minutes in length and be held in the gymnasium with the assistance of the 4th grade teachers, paraprofessionals, and physical education teachers.

Winona Health and local schools view the Gr8Kids program as an opportunity to improve the overall quality of life for young individuals in our community. The Gr8 Kids program will bring high-quality education on nutrition and active living directly to our young children in order to empower them to be involved in making their own healthy choices.

Why do we choose 4th grade students?

Research has shown that at roughly 10 years of age, children begin to become more independent and start making their own choices, including those choices involving nutrition and activity. They are developing attitudes and habits that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. The adults who were previously making decisions for them need to continue to provide guidance and support while allowing children to think for themselves. This is a critical time for students to understand and practice healthy habits.

Which schools participate in Gr8 Kids?

Our goal is to offer GR8 Kids in all school districts in our area. Once GR8 Kids is introduced at a school, we will continue to offer the program to each new 4th grade class in following years. We are proud to continue this partnership with our local schools.

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