Permanent Birth Control – Essure

Essure is the first, and only, FDA approved female sterilization procedure to have shown no pregnancies during clinical trials.

Winona Health physicians, Scott Birdsall, MD; Melissa Richards, MD and Troy Shelton, MD are trained and certified to do the Essure procedure.

Essure is a minor surgical procedure that involves no incision. Micro-inserts are passed through a woman’s natural pathway and inserted into each fallopian tube. During the three months following the procedure, a woman’s body works with the inserts to develop a barrier to block the passage of sperm to an egg.

Unlike many other forms of birth control, Essure does not contain hormones to interfere with a woman’s natural menstrual cycle. This procedure usually only takes 35 minutes and can be performed in the Center for Women’s Health. General anesthesia is not necessary, and most women are able to resume their normal daily activities within 24 hours of having the procedure.

Once performed, Essure cannot be reversed, so women uncertain of their desire to have children in the future should examine other birth control options.

Most insurance companies cover this procedure; women are encouraged to check with their health insurance carrier to see if it is covered.

For more information:

Women’s Health Center
859 Mankato Avenue
Winona, MN 55987
Winona Health campus, third floor of clinic

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