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Employer Services

Based on CDL requirements.
  • Hepatitis B Series
  • Diphtheria/Tetanus
  • Influenza
  • MMR
  • TB Skin Testing
  • Drug Screens
  • Breath Alcohol
  • Blood Draws
  • Medical and Occupational History
  • Vision & Hearing Testing
  • Vital Signs
  • Examination of major organ systems
  • Review of Immunization Status
  • Body Mechanics Training
  • Ergonomic Workspace Analysis
  • Flu Shots
  • Functional Job Task Analysis
  • Health Fairs
  • Office Ergonomic Training
  • Respiratory Fit Testing
  • Stretching Programs
  • Vision Screenings
  • Workplace Ergonomic Training

Injury Prevention Services

An employer requests an on-site visit by a physical therapist to conduct body mechanics training, equipment training, exercise/stretching programs, provide coaching in safety behaviors and symptom management during work and provide educational presentations on various safety and ergonomic topics.
The process of evaluating and measuring the physical aspects of work to understand the physical requirements by a therapist. A functional job analysis is developed based on the objective information that is gathered. A pre-employment screen is developed from the functional job analysis (2-4 hours).

An objective physical test developed from the functional job analysis. The screen is performed post job offer to identify an applicant’s functional ability to safely perform the physical functions of a specific job.

Workers Compensation Injury/Illness Services

An objective functional assessment of an injured employee/worker conducted by a physical therapist of their functional abilities to perform work-related tasks. The work capability assessment is performed as part of a medical office visit to identify the employee/worker’s capabilities compared to a specific job after an injury. A detailed functional job analysis of the physical essential functions of the job is very helpful in this assessment. If a functional job analysis is not available the verbal description provided by the injured worker is used for the assessment (30 minutes).
A licensed physical therapist knowledgeable in ergonomics evaluates an injured worker’s worksite and work tasks to identify potential risk factors, to reduce potential injuries and make recommendations for modifications and accommodations (1-2 hours).
A medically monitored and individually progressed work-based program designed to restore an injured worker’s strength, endurance, movement and flexibility. Components include aerobic endurance, strength and flexibility activities and job simulation. Workers are educated in proper posture, safe body mechanics, self management of their symptoms, prevention of injury and home exercises. The program can range from 1-2 hour sessions 3-5 days/week depending on the need and lasting anywhere from 1-3 months. The program can be used in conjunction with light duty, modified duty or restricted duty as well as pre-return to work. A detailed job description is required to simulate job tasks during the program.
A comprehensive objective functional test that directly measures a person’s ability to perform a broad-range of physical tasks. This evaluation is conducted by a licensed physical therapist. An FCE is used to identify a person’s safe maximal functional capabilities and limitations. An FCE is used to help determine work capacity and can be used to better understand complex cases, extended disability duration, lost work time or for vocational rehabilitation planning (1-2 day test).

Non-Workers Compensation Injury/Illness Services

A job-specific objective functional evaluation during or post a non-workers comp illness/injury. This assessment is conducted by a physical therapist typically following a medical provider release to work. The fit for duty assessment will determine if the worker has the ability to safely perform the essential physical requirements of a specific job (1 hour).

Physical/Occupational Therapy

  • Therapy Services
  • Treatment of Acute, Sub acute, Chronic injuries
  • Coordinated care with Occupational Health Department and Urgent Care


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