Assisted living residences provide options for people who want to remain active and independent and who may benefit from the convenience of having others prepare meals and provide other services.

Residents enjoy the privacy of having their own space while also having many opportunities to participate in social activities and to receive their choice of supportive services including healthcare services.

Winona Health assisted living options:

Senior Living at Watkins

Nestled in a quiet, centrally located Winona neighborhood, Senior Living at Watkins is a beautiful, welcoming and comfortable assisted living community for adults age 55 and better, featuring supportive services and amenities to meet each individual’s needs.

Residents enjoy the privacy of apartment living along with many opportunities for social activity. A variety of supportive services are available. Learn more about Senior Living at Watkins.

Adith Miller and Roger Metz Manors (memory care)

Located on the Winona Health campus, these assisted living homes accommodate up to 10 residents with early-to middle-stage Alzheimer’s or other memory diseases. Learn more about Adith Miller and Roger Metz Manors.

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