We strive to provide quality food and exceptional nutrition services to each of our residents at Lake Winona Manor. We always take your food preferences into account and do our best to serve your favorites. At Lake Winona Manor, you have many options to choose from when it comes to mealtime. We have a 5-week cycle program where you can choose which of two main entrees sounds best. And if you happen to not like either choice, that’s okay. Residents are also welcome to join the Lake Winona Manor Food Committee, where recommendations are made to help improve our service and mealtime offerings.

Please note that dining options may change from those listed on the menus.

For more information about dining options at Lake Winona Manor, call Food and Nutrition Services at 507.494.5779.

This Week’s Menu

July 15-21, 2019

Lake Winona Manor Dining Options Menu
bowl of bell peppers, one sliced in half

For more information:

Lake Winona Manor
865 Mankato Ave.
Winona, MN 55987

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