The purpose of the Therapeutic Recreation department is to develop and provide meaningful, individualized leisure interventions for residents including cognitive, physical, emotional, social, environmental, creative, cultural, and spiritual domains of wellbeing in order to improve and maintain quality of life.

Activity Calendar

Therapeutic Recreation staff provides treatment designed to rehabilitate residents to improve their functioning and independence and to reduce or eliminate the effects of illness or disability. Each week, the Therapeutic Recreation staff will provide residents with an Activity Calendar. This calendar will have information on programs that residents can attend for no extra cost. Each day’s activities will also be written on the dry erase board in the dining area. We provide a wide variety of activities to best meet each resident’s needs and we are always open to suggestions for new programs if residents or staff have ideas for new activities.

August 12-17, 2019 Activity Calendar
August 19-24, 2019 Activity Calendar


Each month we provide a variety of community outings, with the use of a wheelchair accessible van. These outings include visiting shopping facilities, restaurants, and other community resources. Eat-Ins provide residents with the opportunity to order food from a specific outside restaurant in place of their lunch. A list of the monthly Outings and Eat-Ins will be provided to residents at the beginning of each month. Some of these outings/eat-ins may cost money, and that information will be posted.

July Outings & Eat-Ins Calendar
August Outings & Eat-Ins Calendar

Independent Leisure

There is an Independent Leisure Cart located in the TCU dining room that can be used by residents and their families. Residents can find many leisure items there including books, DVDs, CDs, coloring pages, coloring supplies, puzzles and more. Additional items can be checked out from the Therapeutic Recreation offices including DVDs, CDs, headphones, games, library books, crossword puzzle books, coloring pages, coloring supplies, and more!

Looking for an Internship?

Look no further. Winona Health defines an unpaid student internship as hands-on learning for those students already in a university or technical college program/major. See our complete guidelines, requirements and application form.

Interested in Volunteering?

The Winona Health Volunteers are always looking for energetic and enthusiastic individuals willing to share their valuable time and talent. More than 350 active volunteers contribute thousands of hours of service to Winona Health through Winona Health and senior services. If you’re looking for a fulfilling opportunity to dedicate your time through an experience rich in history and meaning, become a Winona Health Volunteer. Click here to apply!

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