Conservative Management Clinic

Conservative Management Clinic

Access to the Conservative Management Clinic is currently limited during the developmental phase. Those interested in a referral to the Conservative Management Clinic are asked to discuss it at their next appointment with their primary care provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Conservative Management Clinic?
A: Winona Health has developed the Conservative management Clinic to further personalize and improve services related to controlled substance prescriptions.

Q: Will I receive all my healthcare services at the Conservative Management Clinic?
A: No. The healthcare provider you see today may be new to you. He or she will not become your regular provider. This visit does not replace the care you receive from a primary care physician, so you will need a different appointment for your regular medical care.

Q: How often will I need to come to the Conservative Management Clinic?
A: This will vary from patient to patient but will be at least every three months.

Q: Am I required to use the Conservative Management Clinic?
A: Yes, if you are new to the Winona Clinic or you do not have a provider and wish to refill a controlled substance, the Conservative Management Clinic is for you.

Q: Why are controlled substance prescriptions treated differently than other prescriptions?
A: As you may know, these medicines can be dangerous. In 2010, more than 16000 people died in the US from narcotic overdoses. What you may not know is that if your total daily dose is high, the risk of overdose is much, much higher. Because of this, part of Conservative Management Clinic provider’s job will be to tell you if you are in the dangerous dosage range. If so, we will help you taper your drugs to a safer level, while suggesting other ways to deal with your pain. Our goal is to make your pain care better and safer.

Q: Will I continue to get help with my prescription and with managing my pain or other issues related to my controlled substance prescription?
A: Yes. We are here to help you. We understand that dealing with long-term pain or other issues and conditions that are treated with controlled substances is hard. These medications do not completely eliminate pain and can be dangerous when you attempt to do so. Our goal is to reevaluate the source or cause of your pain and then find ways to lessen your pain and keep you as active as possible while keeping you safe.

Thank you for working with us to help improve your care.

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