Winona Health’s Radiology/Imaging Department is equipped with the most powerful CT scanner available in the World.

The Aquilion® ONE from Toshiba uses 320 ultra-high resolution detector rows to generate images that are unsurpassed in resolution and clinical detail.The result is improved diagnostic capabilities and less time and radiation for our patients.


How is the Aquilion ONE different from other CT systems currently on the market?
The Aquilion ONE is the most advanced CT system on the market.

With the Aquilion ONE, it is possible to image an entire organ in a single rotation, for the first time, ensuring greater accuracy and diagnostic confidence. Physicians using the Aquilion ONE can see not only a three-dimensional depiction of an organ, but also how the organ and blood flow are dynamically functioning or moving within and around the organ. No other CT system can do this.

The Aquilion ONE can perform uniquely comprehensive exams, including functional studies, that can reduce overall healthcare costs by replacing the need for multiple tests and invasive procedures, while reducing the amount of contrast material and radiation dose.

How many of these systems are in use today?
Winona Health is the first in the region to have this advanced system. The only other system in Minnesota is in St. Cloud. Currently, there are only 66 in the nation, two in Wisconsin (another one installed this spring), and one in North Dakota. There are none in South Dakota, Iowa or Illinois.

What are the clinical benefits of the Aquilion ONE CT system?
The Aquilion ONE will drastically improve patient care by providing comprehensive examinations for the treatment of patients with heart conditions, stroke, cancer and other conditions faster, safer and more accurately, enabling healthier lives and lowering healthcare costs.

Is the Aquilion ONE safer for patients?
Yes. The Aquilion ONE is safe for patients and actually reduces the radiation exposure for patients by replacing several tests with one easy scan that produces fast, accurate results. Patients will not have to endure invasive diagnostic tests and will be exposed to less contrast and less radiation when scanned on the Aquilion ONE, verses the multiple tests they would undergo without it.

Beyond traditional CT scans, how else can the Aquilion ONE CT system be used?
The Aquilion ONE’s advanced technology allows the system to be used for a variety of examinations. It is fast enough to image the entire heart in less than a heartbeat, opening the door to accurate and safe imaging of patients with arrhythmia.

The Aquilion ONE can perform multiple studies, which may replace studies conducted on several different systems, reducing the number of tests and testing time for patients.

The ability of the system to show organ function in real time is a distinct advantage. For example, a 64-slice system can show blockage, but the Aquilion ONE can show blockage and how the whole organ and surrounding blood flow are functioning.


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