If your primary care provider prescribes a sleep study, you will be referred to a qualified sleep lab for an overnight sleep evaluation. The Winona Health Sleep Lab allows area residents to have a sleep study conducted right here in Winona. In order to diagnose the cause of sleep problems, a sleep study called a polysomnogram (PSG), may be recommended. This study records body functions while you sleep.

These tests can help diagnose the cause of the following symptoms:

  • Snoring
  • Pausing/stopping of breathing during sleep
  • Waking up gasping/choking
  • Problems functioning at work
  • Trouble falling back asleep
  • Consistent fatigue/sleepiness

Performed in a hotel-like room, a sleep study will analyze your sleep patterns. This involves the placement of sensors to record the activity of your heart, lungs, brain and muscles. It also monitors the air flow from your nose and mouth, as well as the level of oxygen in your blood.

Each sleep study room has the comforting amenities of home and includes cable TV and private bathroom.

Sleep Lab sleeping room

For more information:

Winona Health Sleep Lab
Winona Health, Hospital 2nd Floor
Phone 507.474.3274
Fax 507.474.3341
[email protected]

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