Winona Health’s team of experts is devoted to surgical care and safety

Surgeons are key in determining whether a surgical procedure is necessary and explaining the benefits and potential risks involved, but they don’t operate alone. Surgeons are assisted by a skilled team-each one dedicated to their special role in your care. These professionals are part of a typical surgical team:

The Anesthesiologist (MD) and Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) review your medical information and discuss your options for anesthesia care. During the procedure, they make you as comfortable as possible, while also monitoring your vital signs and watching for reactions to the medications given. Following surgery, they continue to monitor you to ensure your comfort and safety.

The Surgical Assistant (RNFA or surgical technician) serves as the surgeon’s extra hands, following instructions and anticipating the surgeon’s needs.

The Scrub Nurse is a specially trained nurse who ensures that instruments and supplies are ready for the procedure, anticipates what will be needed and hands instruments to the surgeon and assistant at the appropriate times.

The Circulating RN serves as an advocate for you throughout the surgical procedure and is responsible for patient safety in the operating room. This RN ensures that equipment used has been tested and is functioning properly prior to the start of the procedure. He or she is responsible for documentation – for everything from fluid loss or output to the number of instruments used for the procedure.

In addition, a more behind-the scenes team is responsible for cleaning and sterilizing equipment, cleaning and disinfecting surgical areas and managing the surgery schedule. All members of our surgical team work to ensure your safety and comfort.

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