Safety is Non-Negotiable at Winona Health

Safety is defined at Winona Health as “creating peace of mind by providing compassionate, personalized care to our family, friends and neighbors.”  Our employees know that safety is non-negotiable and all staff are required to actively participate in promoting and applying safe practices.

>> Click here to read about Winona Health’s A rating for patient safety from The LeapFrog Group

Winona Health is a member of the Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement (ICSI). Their mission is to champion the cause of health care quality and to accelerate improvement in the value of the health care delivered by their medical group members and health plan sponsors. Through this unique collaboration, Winona Health and ICSI are able to accomplish this together by being grounded in evidence-based medicine, and by tackling and solving our community’s most complex health and health care system problems. >> Click here to learn more about ICSI.


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