Winona Health was one of the first healthcare systems in the region to apply the methods and scientific rigor of the Toyota Production System to healthcare. Winona Health’s adaptation of this method is now an organization-wide philosophy and improvement approach called Continuous Systems Improvement (CSI).

Continuous System Improvement removes waste, such as rework or waiting time, from systems and processes, which improves quality and safety in delivering the best healthcare to patients and families. Improving quality and safety also helps reduce costs. Winona Health is dedicated to making ongoing improvements to healthcare quality, safety, delivery, cost and patient engagement.

Principles of CSI

  • Patients and families come first. Our patients and their individual needs are the only variation in that should occur when delivering consistent healthcare services.
  • Cost reduction is a direct result of focusing on better care. If we improve our processes, cost savings for patients and families will follow.
  • Engaging and empowering staff is key. Continuous System Improvement can revolutionize our culture if providers, care givers and employees are engaged in identifying problems and eliminating barriers to patient care.
  • Continuous System Improvement is on-going. This approach truly is continuous.
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