Lounge Areas

Waiting Areas

Winona Clinic: Patient and family waiting areas in Winona Clinic’s Laboratory, Internal Medicine, Family Practice, Pediatrics, Dermatology, Oral Surgery and General Surgery Departments are spacious, open areas with comfortable seating and gorgeous views of the bluffs.

Separate waiting areas are located on the 3rd floor in the Women’s Health Center, Orthopedic Services Department and Eye Care Center.

Lounge Areas

First Floor

Café Med: Located in the Winona Clinic main lobby, Café Med offers a wide variety of coffee and specialty drinks including fruit smoothies. Muffins, cookies, sandwiches and other snacks and beverages also are available. Nearby tables with beautiful views of the bluffs provide a comfortable spot for patients and visitors to have a quick breakfast, lunch or snack.

Boyer Surgery Lounge: Located in the clinic of the Winona Health campus, Boyer Surgery Lounge is adjacent to the Surgery area to give surgeons and staff easy access to communicate with those waiting. This lounge has comfortable seating, a large, flat-screen TV, a fireplace and free WiFi. Those waiting are given a pager so they are free to walk to other areas of the building knowing that they’ll be reachable when needed.

Emergency Department Waiting Area: Located just outside the Emergency Department and adjacent to the hospital main lobby, the Emergency Department waiting area has comfortable seating, TV and access to coffee and vending machines.

Family Crisis Room: Located in the hospital on the Winona Health campus, the Family Crisis Room is a quiet, private area for family members of emergency department patients. The Family Crisis Room is located just down the hall from the Emergency Department.

Meditation Room: Located near the hospital entrance, the Meditation Room is a peaceful place for reflection or prayer. It is also next door to the Chaplain Services office. Chaplains are available to patients, family and friends around the clock. After business hours, if a chaplain is not in the Pastoral Care office, they can be reached by phone whenever their presence could be a comfort.

Resource Library: Located between the Emergency Department, the Diagnostic Imaging Center and Boyer Surgery Lounge the Resource Library provides a comfortable, quiet place for family and visitors to check e-mail, catch up on business or update family and friends. Visitors have access to free WiFi.

Dialysis Lounge: Located across the hall from the Dialysis Department, the Dialysis Lounge is a quiet place with comfortable seating, TV and a variety of reading materials for those who are waiting for a Dialysis patient.

Second Floor

Family Waiting Area: Located on near the Intensive Care Unit and the Medical/Surgical/Pediatric Unit, the Family Waiting Area on the 2nd floor of the hospital provides an place for family and friends to gather while waiting to visit with a hospitalized patient. The Family Waiting Area has comfortable seating and a TV along with tables and chairs and vending machines.

Resource Centers

Resource Library: Located on the first floor, between the Emergency Department and the Boyer Surgery Lounge, along the corridor joining the hospital to the clinic, the Resource Library provides a comfortable, quiet place for family and visitors to check e-mail, catch up on business or update family and friends. Visitors have access to free WiFi.

Women’s Health Center Resource Room: Located in the Women’s Health Center on the 3rd adjacent to the reception area, the Women’s Health Resource Room is a quiet place with comfortable seating, table and chairs and a beautiful view of the bluffs. A variety of literature related to women’s health and infant care is available. The Women’s Health Resource Room is also used for All About Baby weekly drop-in meeting for parents to weigh their baby, get answers to questions and meet other parents. All About Baby is every Tuesday from 12 – 1:30 p.m.


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