Chaplain Services / Chapel

Chaplain services respect people of all religions, all faiths, spiritual practices, and cultural diversity.

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A Winona Health Chaplain is available 24 hours to provide counseling, comfort and spiritual care for patients, family, visitors, and staff. This service includes empathetic listening to your concerns, perform rites/rituals/ceremonies for your spiritual needs and provide resources to support your coping skills.

Request or Referral for Chaplain Services may include the following concerns:

  • Stress, anxiety, fears, hope related to a diagnosis of an illness
  • Emergency, crisis situations
  • Pre or post surgery
  • Rehabilitation after injury, surgery, or medical treatments
  • Grief… anticipatory grief and bereavement concerns
  • Routine visits when someone wants to talk
  • Advocacy and mediation to support patient’s religious beliefs and spiritual practices relevant to their health decisions and treatment procedures
  • Ethics consults
  • Education for healthcare providers

Resources: Tools to support healthy coping skills

  • Information to assist you to contact your personal religious leader
  • Ritual supplies consistent with your practices (Rosary, beads, brass Singing Bowl, rug, candles)
  • Prayer booklet
  • Religion literature available for all faiths (e.g. Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, etc.)
  • Communion, Eucharist, The Lord’s Supper for Christians
  • Worship services in Tranquility Chapel, and on CCTV Channel 71
  • Meditation room for quiet space (first floor next to gift shop)
  • Meditation music and relaxation imagery on CCTV Channel 76
  • Advocacy and mediation to support your religion beliefs and rituals within the healthcare system when needed

Winona Health’s Chaplain Services office is on the first floor of Winona Health, just inside the front entrance. The chaplains welcome people to drop in with questions, and they have many helpful resources available.

For more information:
  • Hospital chaplain: 507.457.4382
  • Hospice chaplain: 507.457.4468
  • Chaplain page at the hospital switchboard: 507.454.3650
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