Chaplain Services

Pastoral Visits

Chaplains respond to pastoral referrals from the medical staff, family members and spiritual leaders in the community with one-on-one visits with patients and residents. All Hospice patients and their families have regularly scheduled one-on-one visits for support.

Bible Studies

Chaplains offer a variety of Bible studies weekly in Lake Winona Manor, Senior Living at Watkins and the memory care houses, meeting the needs of persons at each level of care.

Spirituality Groups

In the Department of Behavioral Medicine chaplains facilitate twice weekly spirituality groups with patients.

Memory Groups

Helping seniors in Lake Winona Manor pull together the meaning of their lives, the chaplains facilitate weekly a memories group. Each session has a different focus, where participants are invited to share memories from their life experiences.


Chaplains schedule area clergy as well as lead worship services in Tranquility Chapel and Senior Living at Watkins, which includes a monthly “hymn sing” with area organists providing accompaniment. Chaplains also conduct funerals for Lake Winona Manor residents and Hospice patients who do not have a spiritual care giver.

Bereavement Care

Chaplains facilitate grief groups in Hospice Care and in Lake Winona Manor and Senior Living at Watkins.

  • Hand prints of the deceased patient/resident are made available to families.
  • Follow up phone calls are made to families who had a loved one in Hospice Services.
  • Memorial Services remembering those who received care are celebrated several times during the year through Hospice Services and Lake Winona Manor.


The chaplains train and coordinate the compassionate volunteers in the “No One Dies Alone” program offered to patients of the hospital and residents in Lake Winona Manor.

Chapel Channel

The chaplains select the religious music and relaxation DVDs that comprise the basic programming on channel 71. All religious services offered in Tranquility Chapel are televised.

Hospital chaplain, 507.457.4382
Hospice chaplain, 507.457.4547
Chaplain page at the hospital switchboard, 507.454.3650

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