Infection Prevention

Data Collection Dates: October 2009-September 2010 (most current data available)

The quality measures below illustrate Winona Health’s work on each measure by combining all patients treated for a particular condition. The quality measures broadly describe the care provided by Winona Health. In this chart, higher percentages are better.

Chart Chart
Surgery patients who were given an antibiotic at the right time (within one hour before surgery) to prevent infection. 98% 96%
Surgery patients who were given the right kind of antibiotic to help prevent infection. 87% 98%
Surgery patients whose preventive antibiotics were stopped at the right time (within 24 hours after surgery). 93% 97%
All heart surgery patients whose blood sugar (blood glucose) is kept under good control in the days right after surgery. n/a 92%
Surgery patients needing hair removed from the surgical area before surgery, who had hair removed using a safer method (electric clipper). 100% 99%
Chart Chart
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