Privacy Policy

Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

The Winona Health website and Winona Health On-line (WHOL) were designed and built to exceed existing and proposed federal standards for the privacy and confidentiality of healthcare information. The database and software components are structured to ensure that maintenance and routine troubleshooting occur with no access to your personal information. A 4-tiered security system protects against unauthorized access or misuse by authorized users. As part our commitment to your privacy, our webiste and WHOL adhere to the standards and principles set by Health on the Net (HON).

Access and Disclosure

The Winona Health website and WHOL will not disclose or provide access to any personal information to anyone without your permission, unless ordered to do so by a court of law. There may be isolated instances in which our staff must access the database to repair problems. Any access to individual files is carefully controlled. Staff members must document the need for access, log details of the access when complete, and confirm to management that they have accessed only task-critical areas and are in compliance with confidentiality policies.


Before even starting the job, WHOL and Winona Health website staff members undergo a rigorous training program covering the unique responsibilities we bear in the health information software field. The curriculum includes applicable Federal law, personal and corporate ethics, and company policy on health information confidentiality. Staff members are tested on the information. They complete the course by signing a confidentiality agreement that legally prevents them from disclosing or using any personal information they see in the course of their work.

Use of Aggregate Information

One way WHOL and the Winona Health website improve health is through providing group, or aggregate data to health researchers and health system officials. Your individual information and identity will never be shared, but data on the Winona service area will be part of a groundbreaking study that will shape the way the Internet is used in healthcare.

Links to Other Sites

You may access other web sites from links within the Winona Health website and WHOL. Please note that these sites are not a part of WHOL nor the Winona Health website. WinonaHealthOnline and the Winona Health website cannot guarantee the protection of any personal information you enter on sites that lie outside of our control. Please refer to the privacy policy for each site you visit.

Changes to Policies

We review and update policies and procedures frequently. Any changes to the privacy and confidentiality policies will be posted on this page. If you have questions or concerns about our privacy policies, please contact either WHOL or Winona Health by using the information contained in the site.

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