Community Service Tribute

children_circle_earth-originalIn May 1989, Mr. Benjamin A. Miller announced his intention to make a gift of $25,000 in that year and for each of the next five years to the Adith Miller Patient Care Fund in the name of an outstanding person, persons or community organization who has made a significant difference and positive impact on the Winona region and/or Winona Health.

Mr. Miller suggested the nominee’s contributions need not be financial or have anything to do with Winona Health, nor did he have any further suggestions for criteria. At that time he asked Mr. Robert Lux to chair and recruit a committee to select the recipients of the Tribute. Mr. Lux chaired the committee from 1989 to the time of his death in 1999. At the request of Mr. Miller, Roger Metz was appointed chair in 1999 and has served in that capacity ever since.

Shortly after Mr. Miller’s passing, his son, Hugh Miller, announced at the 2002 awards banquet his intent to continue the tradition. At the 2003 banquet, the award was officially renamed, at the request of Hugh Miller, the Ben and Adith Miller Community Service Tribute.

Candidates will be evaluated on their generosity of time, spirit, energy and/or charitable donations. Nominations will be accepted through Friday, February 6. (form below)

In addition to a special recognition dinner at Cedar Valley Restaurant, the family of Ben & Adith Miller and RTP Company honors the recipient with a $25,000 contribution to the Ben & Adith Miller Patient Care Fund to assist area individuals and families.

Click here: Nomination Form

Previous Recipients

2013 Dee Cipov

2012 Irene Renk

2011 Marlene Kohner

2010 Jenny Kahl

2009 Justin Green

2008 Nancy Iglesias

2007 Dennis Theede and Home and Community Options

2006 Karen and O.J. Fawcett

2005 Donna Helble

2004 Kent Gernander

2003 Marilyn and Keith Schwab

Kim and Pete Schwab

2002 L. “Max” DeBolt

2001 Rose Andersen and Diane Barge

2000 Carol and Dan Barr

1999 Joette and Michael Gostomski

1998 Roger Metz

1997 Nancy and Mark Kristensen

1996 Dave Arnold and Dan Rukavina

1995 Pete Woodworth

1994 Dr. Frank and Ruth Bures

1993 Sue Cornwell

1992 Bob Kierlin

1991 Tom Graham

1990 Gary Evans

1989 Pauline Knight

1988 Tom and Judith Stark

Dr. Roger and Helen Hartwich

John and Helen David

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