Hip pain was preventing me from doing so many things. Hiking and biking, and even everyday things like getting into and out of the car, were painful. I used to enjoy long road trips, but just pressing the gas pedal was uncomfortable. I had to do something.

I chose Winona Health for hip surgery because a friend told me what a good experience he’d had.

Everyone at Winona Health was so friendly and good at explaining everything so I knew what to expect. And everything was so well coordinated. From hip replacement to rehabilitation, everything went so well. After surgery, I spent three days in the hospital, and I was surprised at how quiet and restful it was. I enjoyed getting to know the staff and seeing how they interacted with each other. They really worked as a team, and I felt so comfortable and well cared for. I’ve been at other hospitals, and I’ve never seen such quick response to call buttons. It seemed like someone was there instantaneously. Even the food was great—I actually looked forward to it.

My biggest fear was being laid up after surgery, but the Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy teams were so helpful in getting me up and walking and giving me tips for getting dressed. They were very reassuring and encouraged me to challenge myself. Whenever I wanted to get up and walk, someone was there to help.

The staff had such a good attitude. The lady I met from housekeeping went above and beyond by offering to get my sister a cup of coffee and asking if there was anything else she could do. Now, I’m back to hiking and biking, and driving is a piece of cake — I’m enjoying long road trips again.

I’m so happy I decided to stay at Winona Health. I felt very grateful to be there. I was so impressed — it was just a great experience.

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