Wonderful experience—excellent outcome!

My hip pain was horrible. I wasn’t able to sleep well, I couldn’t do much, and I couldn’t take it anymore. I thought to myself: I can’t live my life like this. In February, I had a total hip replacement with Dr. Ken Johnson at Winona Health.

I was happy with every aspect of my care. Every single department was pleasant. The staff was so welcoming to me and to my husband—always asking him if he needed anything.

Dr. Johnson takes time for you. You don’t feel like you’re being rushed in and out. I’m so happy I had it done. Before the hip replacement, my back and knee also hurt, and now even those problems have disappeared.

I’m grateful to all the staff who took care of me, starting with Dr. Johnson, pre-op staff, all the nurses, nursing assistants, therapists, Dr. Dussault (after surgery), the physician assistant who helped, the food staff, the cleaning lady, and anyone I may have forgotten. Everyone was so incredibly caring for my husband and me.

I would highly recommend Winona Health.

Theresa, Lewiston

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