What's Going On

Rachelle Schultz, EdD, President and CEO

What’s Going On

As President and CEO of Winona Health, I am profoundly grateful for and inspired by the trust that our patients and community have in this organization. It occurred to me that you might be interested in the work being done at Winona Health that isn’t so visible.

Through this digital column, I hope to shine a light on what we’re working on both internally and beyond our walls in collaboration with other community-focused organizations. This may include how and why we do what we do; improvements and changes we’ve implemented; and insight into the opportunities and challenges we face as a rural community healthcare provider.

Healthcare is fascinating and, yes, complicated, to put it mildly. Winona Health is deeply involved and connected throughout the community, and I hope you’ll find information that’s interesting and helpful to know about your community healthcare organization.

Rachelle Schultz, EdD

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