Special high-level technology and a secure internet connection make it possible for patients at one location to see their healthcare provider in a different location. A telemedicine appointment allows for personal, face-to-face interaction as well as a physical examination.

For example, a patient at Lewiston or Rushford clinics can have an appointment with his or her doctor or another specialist who is at the clinic in Winona. Using a special stethoscope, the doctor in Winona can listen to your heart and lungs and, with a special high-functioning camera, check your skin, throat and ears. All of your questions can be asked and answered—just as if you’re in the same room.

So imagine having a face-to-face visit with your healthcare provider in Winona with the ease of an appointment at your local clinic. It’s easy, efficient and effective. That’s the power of telemedicine.

Telemedicine visits are covered by most insurance companies just like a clinic appointment and they offer the option of having a family member present, either in person or from another remote location or computer.

Those interested in learning more about telemedicine should contact their healthcare provider to see whether telemedicine visits are an option for them. Or, for more information, call Winona Health’s telemedicine coordinator at 507.457.7624.

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