Shoulder pain had been bothering me for two or three years. Finally, I made an appointment with Dr. Millis to have it looked at.

After an x-ray and an MRI, it was determined that a “reverse” shoulder replacement was my best option and we scheduled the surgery.

Everything went even better than I had hoped!

From the volunteer who greeted me at the check-in desk to everyone on the surgery team to the hospital staff during my overnight hospital stay, my experience was even better than I had hoped. I felt so comfortable and well-taken care of. Everyone did their job so well.

I also had elected to do physical therapy at Winona Health, both in preparation for the surgery and to help with recovery afterwards—that was so helpful, and what a great team! Today my shoulder is just like new.

— Mary

Learn more about our Orthopedic & Sports Medicine department or give them a call at 507.474.3338.

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