A key to achieving the Foundation’s mission has been support from people like you―our family, friends and neighbors who have given generously to the Winona Health Foundation. Your gifts enable us to continue to provide care for all in the community.

Planned Gifts

Planned gifts come in many forms, with the simplest being a straight bequest made through your will. When making a request please include the appropriate legal name of the Foundation, which is Winona Health Foundation.

Other forms include gifts of real estate or other property, trusts, and annuities. It is always best to work with a tax accountant or attorney when making a planned gift. As always, a member of the Winona Health Foundation is available to answer questions or assist you in meeting your charitable goals.

Gifts in Kind

Whether it is a gift of service, reading materials or equipment, we are happy to work with you as you consider making a gift in kind. Winona Health has been able to give stuffed animals to young children during a visit to the emergency room and give grief support books to families of hospice patients.

Giving to the Area of Greatest Need

When you make a gift in general support of Winona Health, you can be assured that it will be directed to an area that will make a difference in our ability to meet the healthcare needs of our community. Health education, new surgical equipment, and technological improvements are just a few places private gifts can make a difference.

Members of the Winona Health Foundation Board work in cooperation with Winona Health administration to determine how philanthropic dollars can be maximized. Indeed, you can be assured your gift is needed and will be put to good use.

Giving to a Specific Area

Perhaps you have benefited from the care and attention of the staff on one of Winona Health Hospital ‘s care settings. Perhaps you delivered your children in the Family Birth Center. Or perhaps your mother, father or loved one is being cared for in one of our four Manor living environments. Whatever the reason, many benefactors choose to direct their gifts to a specific area within Winona Health. You can do so by simply indicating what area you would like to support with your gift. Additionally, the Winona Health Foundation has several funds set up to help our benefactors achieve just that.

Stock Gifts

In addition to traditional methods of gifting, we are seeing an increase in the number of gifts received in the form of stock and those using a variety of planned gift vehicles.

When you make a gift using appreciated stock, you accomplish three things. First, you avoid paying capital gains when you transfer stock to the Winona Health Foundation, you receive a full charitable deduction for the stock’s current market value, and third, you improve Winona Health’s ability to meet the healthcare needs of the area.

When choosing to make a gift of stock, it is best to first inform the Foundation Office. This way we can assure that your gift is transferred in a timely fashion and that all the details are managed correctly to maximize your gift and charitable deduction.

Make a difference

You can make a difference in Winona Health’s ability to meet the healthcare needs of the area by making a gift. You can make a gift at any time and for any amount using one of several options:

  • Place your gift online using our secure website.
  • Download and print a donation form, fill it out and mail it to the Winona Health Foundation.
  • Call the Winona Health Foundation at 507.457.4394 and make a gift using your American Express, Discover, MasterCard or VISA card.
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