My husband came to Urgent Care Saturday afternoon shortly before they closed. We felt so bad about coming toward the end of the shift, but at no time did he feel rushed through his appointment. He saw Laura Stussy and she was compassionate and more than considerate. I had my two children playing outside to pass the time while he was being seen. She pushed him out to us in the wheelchair herself so that she could update me with the plan. My husband was in so much pain that I’m sure he was having a difficult time concentrating and comprehending everything. It meant a lot that she wanted to be sure someone was clear about the new plan. She also took the time to find out which pharmacies were still open at that time of the evening (on a holiday weekend), so that he would be able to get the new medications right away.

Thank you for your compassion, and sorry for keeping you past closing time on a holiday Saturday. We appreciate the care he received!

— Heidi

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