When should you call for a same-day appointment?

When you want to feel better faster!
Same day appointments are reserved to help you when you are dealing with an issue such as a sore throat, fever, suspected ear, sinus or bladder infection and other concerns that are causing immediate problems or discomfort.

If you would like an appointment for a routine physical or more specialized care, we may need to schedule further in advance. Those types of exams require a longer visit than a same-day appointment opening can accommodate, but we will get you in for those types of appointments as soon as we can. To schedule an appointment, please call 507.454.3650.

Please note…
If there are no same-day appointment options available when you call, or if the time available is not convenient for you, please keep in mind that the Urgent Care Clinic is now located on the first floor of the Winona Clinic at 855 Mankato and is open 7 days a week. Visit Urgent Care for more information and to see current wait times.

For information about your local healthcare providers, see our Find a Provider page.

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